Canadian Real Estate Investing Made Easy, Really Easy.

PalmTree Capital was created to give people the opportunity to get involved in one of the world’s greatest wealth building vehicles available – real estate investment.

We realize that few people have the time and expertise to learn the ins and outs of the real estate market while simultaneously raising a family, building a career or maximizing the free time they have.  Recognizing that there are many options available to invest your capital, deciding where it will work hardest for you and how to keep it safe, is often the problem.

With over 200 real estate transactions and $200 million in real estate currently under management, we utilize a mix of proven equity creation strategies, like Buy Fix, Rent & Hold, on undervalued properties in optimal locations.

Combining these proven methods with our experience, PalmTree delivers the most out of your investments.

It starts with scheduling a call.  During this call, we will help to uncover what your real estate investing goals are and how we can be of assistance in helping you to achieve them.  We are wanting to share our tried and tested tactics to ensuring solid, consistent returns for the projects that you choose to invest in.  Whether you are looking to invest in 2nd mortgages, duplexes, multi-unit apartments or looking to convert an existing investment into more units, a phone call with us can help you to avoid common costly mistakes.  

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Our Proven Strategy

The key to our approach is a number of things, and the first is purchasing in cities that are growing economically and have improving demographics, which, results in natural appreciation. We are strict with the cities we choose, and many simply don’t have the requirements needed for our investments.

We are experts at what we do, and we understand our markets.  By investing in under-performing and under-valued properties, we can increase the value of the property by forced appreciation. By doing things such as renovations and ensuring low tenant turnover, and regular rent increases, we maximize cash flow.

Once the property is stable with good cash flow and mortgage paydown, we refinance it to take the increased equity out, and then hold the asset in the portfolio. This generates income and improves equity until the property is sold – which is typically 5 years and sometimes longer.

Our hands-on approach ensures that our properties are renovated and rented in a timely manner with a commitment to meet or exceed the expectations of our stakeholders and tenants.

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